Sunday, July 20, 2008


Great quotes from Husker Cody Glenn:

“People ask me, ‘How you feel about the season?’" said the native of Rusk, Texas. "Oh, I’m amped about it. I’ve never felt this good going into a season health-wise, confidence-wise, everything.”

Even the intense summer workouts haven't seemed so bad to Glenn. He's trying to lead younger players by example in each workout.

"I know guys are looking up to me," he said. "I know if I run like this, they’re going to run like this. I know if I lift like this, they’re going to lift like this. It’s been easier just because I have that mind-set and I know these guys are counting on me. With them counting on me, I’m not going to let them down. It makes me want to go harder. It makes me want to do everything I have to do.”

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