Saturday, January 31, 2009

Team First Mentality

Good article in the Omaha World Herald about Creighton baseball. The article talks about how the team is hoping to learn from what happened outside the lines last year to help their team inside the lines this year. Here are a few quotes from the article.

CF Robbie Knight on the team this year:
"The good thing about this year is that we seem to have a bunch of guys that are into the team concept and not into that whole me-this or me-that kind of thing," center fielder Robbie Knight said. "There's not a lot of egos in that locker room now, and that's a huge thing."Everyone saw the success that Fresno State had last season. They might not have been the most talented team, but they played as a team. It was never about this guy or that guy."

"We never came together, we never seemed to believe in each other," coach Ed Servais said. "We did have a couple of players that had a difficult time playing the style of ball we like to play. Our game is based on execution, not waiting for the three-run homer. We've always been about the details and making sure the other teams earn everything against us."Looking back on it, we had some guys that were more concerned with the me than the we."

"I'm not going to rag on someone that's not here anymore, but there are reasons why some of them are not," Ruf said. "Creighton baseball has always been about team first and individuals second."We still have to get a couple of guys bought in but hopefully through the leadership of the upperclassmen, they'll get the message early."

RUF on Preparation:
"It's all about getting better every day at practice, improving from week to week and just having fun with the whole thing," Ruf said. "We can't be so uptight."

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Anonymous said...

do you really think that CU has a team mentality?

those bums are a group of over-hyped trust-fund cheerleaders