Thursday, April 23, 2009


Here are a few good quotes form Husker QB Zach Lee DL Suh:

“During conditioning, I just feel like I have to work as hard as I can every time out there and set an example in that way,” said Lee, who was 15-of-18 passing for 214 yards and three touchdowns in the Spring Game. “Guys see me out there, working hard and hopefully they’ll be inspired by it and work hard, too.”

“As you’ve seen in the past here, the best teams— the great teams— are run by the team and that allows the coaches to just coach and manage,” Lee said. “All the little stuff that happens within a team, within a group of 130 college guys is managed by that internal central group, so I definitely think that’s a role we’ll look to take.”

“It’s starting to grow and we were starting to get it toward the end of these last couple of practices when we were going live and everybody was understanding what they have to do, but it’s still not there 100 percent,” Suh said. “That’s how teams win championships: They have great chemistry, and that’s the thing we’ve got to work on.”

Keep in mind that glorious moments like the one pictured above are often proceeded by preparation that is not quite so glorious.

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