Wednesday, May 20, 2009


What is toughness? How do you display toughness? How do we become tougher? Here are some thoughts passed on to me by Coach Cooley from college basketball great Don Meyer.

Toughness- responding appropriately to the task at hand, being focused on what needs to be done

Direct correlation between defense and toughness. You can't have a tough team without defense.

Accepting a coach's criticism is toughness.

Toughness- you have to be mentally tough to be physically tough and vice versa

Everyone is going to make loads of mistakes fight through them.

You need a blue collar team to win it- toughness, mentally and physcially

Intensity + Technique = hustle plays

Don't get sloppy and lazy when things are going good

Conditioning is mental.

Good teams have 1 or 2 guys do the dirty jobs. Great teams have all of their guys do the dirty work.

There is always someone better than you- you have to have better technique and be tougher to beat those people.

Scared Teams don't talk

A tough team talks loudly

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