Monday, October 5, 2009

Thoughts from various coaches in sports.......

Great teams have great teammates -- how you interact with each other is critical to success as is how you talk to each other!

Good to great is more than a very good statement and requires a commitment to up your concentration; up work ethic; and up your creativity

KEYS TO HAVING A GREAT TEAM: 1. an unselfish offensive mindset; 2. an everyday commitment to defense; and 3. a committment execute to perfection system wide

Teams must understand: any group of players can put on the same uniform but that does not make a team; a team is about shared commitment

The great ones are committed to personal accountability; they often blame themselves first; figure out how they can get better at something

Who is going to lead the team this year in the hidden stats; # of times pulls team together; # of times motivates teammates, ect.

Successful people do all the things that the unsuccessful people don't want to do; don't feel they should do; or are too cool to do

Pre-season: when it hurts a little bit before the season; it usually helps A LOT during the season!!!

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