Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Random motivational thoughts from coaches and players:

The most important time to go to work is when things aren't going well; anyone can work in good times; grind it out in tough times!!!

Sometimes effort alone can keep u in games long enough to sneak out the win; but poor play without any effort will never let you back in a game .

Learn from the last one-focus on the next one; this is the journey through a season; never waste the learning opportunity & always focus ahead.

Working with a defined & focused purpose is what generates results we want; know exactly what you want done-then go do it; you must take action.

The great ones believe in preparation; practice habits; focus; intensity; this describes Lebron, Wade, and Kobe on a daily basis...all the greats!

Sometimes the best question we can ask ourselves is the simplest as well: What can I do to get better? If answered honestly u are on ur way!

Challenges are tough in sports or life; but overcoming challenges is very rewarding; we should never give up or give in; the best overcome!

What players need a better understanding of is that little things - the details - are often what determine the outcome; master the details!

The best in any business know what their job calls for them to do and they do their job COMPLETELY; no questions-no complaints; just produce!

Sometimes the best thing a player can bring to the game each night is their willingness to play hard; the great ones bring it to practice also.

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