Friday, February 4, 2011

The most important four letter word in sports

N - E - X - T

All great shooters go on to the next shot, whether the miss or make the previous one. A great hitter is great in part because he can put the last at bat out of his mind. As a team, it's important to play the game one possession at a time and to do that, you have to forget about the previous possession and concentrate on the present. As coaches, and this one was hard for me when I first started, you have to move past the last game. I didn't have a problem with a victory but I would let a loss or poor performance linger to long in my approach with our team. Sue Gunter would also stress that the most important game on your schedule is the next one because it is the only one you can do anything about. The same is true with a shot, a possession, any phase of the game -- or life for that matter.

From Brian Tracy

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