Monday, March 3, 2008

What does it take to win? TEAM

When asked this question, most players would reply with answers such as hard work, dedication, confidence, ect. The Philadelphia Phillies, who made up seven games with 17 to play last September to steal the National League East from the Mets, agree but also believe that what it really takes is TEAM.

It is important as a player to continue to overcome Human Nature….HN says to do what is best for me rather than what is best for the team. However, doing what is best for the TEAM leads to success.

Here are a few excellent quotes from the story, followed by a link to the entire story.

"I had always known it takes hard work and dedication," Brett Myers said. "But what it really takes is a team."

Jimmy Rollins: "We are more focused on what we need to get right. Not you get right, and you get right, and you get right. We're going to get right. We're going to be right. … Now it doesn't matter who gets it done. We don't care about who the hero is."

"Before," Rollins said, "it was like, 'Let's try to get Bobby up there and we'll have a chance.' Now I have confidence that if don't get it done, somebody will get it done behind me. Now we have a team."

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