Thursday, June 5, 2008


1. Concentrate on getting the first ball over and getting the first man out!

2. Allow 2 or less walks per game

3. Strike out to walk ratio should be 2 K's to 1 BB

4. Hit ratio should be less than 1 per inning

5. Get ahead of all hitters

6. Curveball thrown when HITTER is ahead in the count does not have to be your best.

7. If ahead and you miss, miss out of the zone

8. Universal hitting weaknesses: Low and away for righty, High and tight for lefty

9. Rather have curveball in the dirt than up in the eyes

10. Visualize throwing the perfect game

11. Know what pitch you can throw to get a groundball

12. Behind in the count: Split the plate with breaking ball Ahead: throw your best, hardest breaking ball

13. Be quick to the plate 1.4 and below

14. 2 quick outs- go after hitter with good stuff

15. Bunt plays- throw strikes - make sure to get one out

16. There is no defense against the walk

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