Monday, June 8, 2009

Texas and their bunting game

Here is a link to an article on Texas and how they use the bunt game to be consistent.

Here are a few excerpts from the USA TODAY article:

The Longhorns' strategy runs contrary to the major league approach to offense, which practically states that no player can ever be asked to lay down a bunt, save maybe in the World Series.

"They don't bunt until it's important. Here, every game is important. We do have a player development responsibility," Garrido said, before adding, "but with a priority of the University of Texas winning."

Back when he was at Cal State Fullerton trying to succeed in the West against baseball titans USC and Arizona State and their power pitchers, Garrido's batters bunted them into a fury.

"They'd scream at us, 'Swing the bats, you midgets,' " he said. "The more they yelled, the more we bunted."

His teams excelled at it. He won three national titles at Fullerton in three different decades.

Once in a College World Series game against Miami, five Fullerton batters in a row bunted. "We scored five runs," Garrido said, "and not a ball went over 60 feet."

Fullerton's still doing it. Dave Serrano's Titans have 75 sacrifice bunts, the third most nationally.

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