Wednesday, December 30, 2009


from LJS:

Add this number to the pile of statistics. Place it right beside the No. 2 (Nebraska’s scoring defense) and the No. 102 (Nebraska’s ranking in total offense).

It’s the number 0. That’s how many times Bo Pelini said he’s seen a Husker player or coach point a finger at someone else on the team this year.

“Never has been and never will be as long as I’m around,” the Husker coach said of any finger-pointing."

“No matter what, you win as a team, you lose as a team. It hasn’t been difficult for us. You have to find that recipe to do what it takes, and what you need to do to win the football game. Our guys stick together. There’s never, ever going to be any finger-pointing in our football program."

Secondary coach Marvin Sanders said it hasn’t been hard keeping offensive and defensive guys united.“It’s a family,” Sanders said. “You know, it’s funny. I think people outside the program have talked about it a lot more than we ever talk about it. Somebody says, ‘Do you have confidence in (offensive coordinator Shawn) Watson?’ I said, ‘Why? I never didn’t have confidence in Watson or anybody on offense.’ I think you guys on the outside talk about it. I could care less. Watson is my family member. That offense, everybody on that offense, is family.”

“It’s just kind of how we run our organization,” Husker defensive coordinator Carl Pelini said. “There’s not a lot of ego. There’s not a lot of ‘me’ guys. It’s about the team and we know there’s three aspects. And on any given day … maybe special teams one day wins the game for you, defense another, and offense another. You’ve just got to play to your strengths and everybody does as good as you can do and hopefully it’s good enough to win the game.”

“You have a good day if you win 35-34. You gotta be happy. If you win 7-6, you gotta be happy,” Bo Pelini said. “A year ago, the offense kind of picked up the defense, and this year it was a little bit different. Each year you’ve got to find what it takes to win. There are always going to be different dynamics. But no matter what, it’s a team game.

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