Sunday, May 4, 2008

An empty head = a full bat

Here are a few excerpts from a great article on the mental part of hitting. The link to the entire article is available below.

Mental Game Series: AN EMPTY HEAD = A FULL BAT
From Nate Trosky,Carmel Baseball:

• Bend your knees, keep your weight back, stay balanced, take a stride, relax your hands, line up your knuckles, elbow up, elbow down, shoulders level, pull the knob, roll the wrist, no wait a minute - don't roll the wrist!

• A hitter that thinks and hits at the same time is like an eagle trying to catch 2 rabbits at once, ultimately catching no rabbit at all.

• When the head is full, the heart is neglected, reactions are delayed and athleticism is lost. Do all of your thinking outside of the batter's box, at practice, between pitches, and mostly "WHEN THE BALL IS NOT IN FLIGHT!"

• Hitters must learn to keep it simple and to not over think, to trust themselves, to enjoy the game, and to be great competitors.

• Remember that you're an athlete not machine, therefore learn to play the game trusting your athleticism and the hours of hard work you've put forth in preparation.

• "A Full Head Equals an Empty Bat," is a quote from Branch Ricky, one of the greatest baseball minds in the history of the game. Known by millions as "Mr. Baseball," this extraordinary man founded the minor league farm system, the batting cage, the pitching machine, and the batting helmet. Rickey was also one of the greatest contributors to the development of baseball statistics. In 1947, as the General Manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Rickey made his most memorable contribution to the game, signing Jackie Roosevelt Robinson.

Keep it Simple & Learn from the Best

• Yogi Berra – 3 time American League MVP
-"You can't hit and think at the same time. I tried it once, and swung and missed at 3 consecutive pitches!"
Lint to entire article:

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