Friday, May 9, 2008

A true Team Player!

Great article from the May 8th edition of the OWH by Tom Shatel. The article talks about Johnny Dorn and his relationship with ex-husker coach Rob Childress. Dorn is not a great pitcher because he has electric stuff. Dorn is a great pitcher because he is COMPETTITIVE, HARD WORKING, and has great COMMAND. Here are a few great quotes from Dorn, the Huskers' ace pitcher.
"I've always thought, if I could take it back, and be the guy who throws 95, but didn't have to work hard for it, I wouldn't change it," Dorn says. "I'd rather be that guy who was here four years and was known as a good teammate who worked his butt off and earned everything."
Pitching Coach Erik Newman On Dorn:
"His stuff is not above average," Newman said. "But his command is above average, and his competitiveness is above average. That makes it good enough to pitch in the big leagues. Most of the guys up there, the third and fourth starters, throw in the 80's, but they know how to pitch and compete and win."
"He is a tenacious executor of pitches," Newman said. "If I call a breaking ball on a full count, he won't flinch. He'll throw it with the same conviction."

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