Friday, October 24, 2008

Rays play small ball to even Series

World Series Game 2 was a great example of small ball by Tampa.

-The Rays manufactured three of their four runs without a ball leaving the infield
-Speed, good defense and outstanding pitching -- it's how the Rays won 97 games
-Momentum shifts the Rays' way, even as the World Series moves to Philadelphia

Quotes from Game 2:
"You're not always gonna hit home runs," Maddon said. "When you're facing better pitching, when you get an opportunity to score a run, you better take advantage of it. And if there's less than two outs, it doesn't have to be a hit."

"Big things happen," Pena said afterward, "when you focus on the smallest of things."

Shaky starting pitching, an offense struggling and a Rays team that is getting back to its roots all suggest a Series that has shifted noticeably Tampa Bay's way, even as it shifts to Philadelphia and rowdy Citizens Bank Park.

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